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Food Waste – Can We Reduce It?

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  • 2 minutes read
  • Jan 01, 2022


An estimated 40% of all food produced worldwide goes to waste.  That equates to $1 trillion worth of food every year.  Unfortunately, we waste tons of money and resources on our food production- but there are many ways you can reduce your contribution by following these tips!



1.  Plan Your Meals

It’s always a good idea to have a plan when you’re shopping, but it can be essential if you know what recipes will make up for your weekly dinners.  We’ll all save time and money in our kitchens by checking the grocery store flyers and having everything on hand before heading out of the door.  You’ll also be less likely to throw things out that you bought on a whim and didn’t end up using before the due date.

2.  Freeze Leftovers

A freezer is a great way to save all the healthy stuff you get from farmers’ markets or your friend’s garden.  You can use it for meal prep, stews, and even making soup at home!



3.  Buy the Weird Veggies

You’re in luck because sometimes, supermarkets reduce items that aren’t good enough or in the right shape.  Do yourself a favour and give your grocer the once over to see when they sell strange-shaped or ugly fruits and vegetables- you may be able to save some cash while helping reduce food waste!



4.  Have a Leftover Day

The idea of a leftovers night is genius.  There are so many tasty dishes that you can enjoy even just with what’s leftover from the week before, and cooking all those delicious meals at once will give you more time to spend on other things!

Managing food waste

With a little planning and thought, you can eliminate most food waste.  However, if somehow you end up with extras due to too many sales or something else, then donate it!


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