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Treat Yourself Without Spending £££

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  • 2 minutes read
  • Feb 02, 2022

It’s nice to be able to treat yourself every once in a while.  But you could treat yourself a lot more frequently if treating yourself was free or with minimal cost.  It can be!  There are plenty of ways to give yourself some special treatment without worrying about your budget.


You might start planning on doing something special for yourself regularly.  You only need to take the time and make yourself a priority.


You’re worth it!



Give yourself the pampering you deserve with these free or low budget ideas:


  1. Call your favourite person.  A long-distance phone call is a free or meagre cost, especially if you call on the cell phone.  So pick up the phone and call someone you’d love to talk to.  They’re probably dying to hear from you.
  2. Give yourself a manicure.  Put on a movie and give yourself a manicure that will make your friends jealous.  Take your time and do it right.  You may even want to give yourself a pedicure while you are at it!

  3. Watch your favourite TV show.  Binge-watch your favourite TV program.  It’s relaxing and fun.  You’ve already paid the bill for your favourite streaming service anyway.  So you might as well get your money’s worth.  What is your favourite show at the moment?


  1. Take a hot bath.  A hot bath for no reason at all is the best kind.  A shower can be almost as good.  I love to light some candles, put on some spa music, and drift away to heaven.
  2. Go to the library.  It’s free to join and borrow books from your local library.  So go and walk around the library and check out the books.  Choose a book, and on the way back, have a coffee, sit in a park, and start reading.  In just a couple of visits, you can finish an entire book.


  1. Take a walk.  Walking is free, and it is good exercise too.  Walk around your neighbourhood.  Walk at the park.  Walk at the beach.  Walk alone or take a friend.  Just walk and enjoy being outside.
  2. Make your favourite dessert.  Whip up your favourite dessert and treat yourself.  You’re doing yourself a favour by freeing up space in the pantry.  I love a lemon tart; what is your go-to dessert when making one?

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