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Where To Find Work – Freelancing.

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  • 5 minutes read
  • Nov 11, 2023

Looking for a new job or interested in starting your own business?  Freelancing might be the answer.  Freelancing is a great way to earn money from home and build a portfolio of contract work for future employment opportunities.  If you have specialised skills and want to make extra money, freelancing could be good.  Keep reading to discover all the pros and cons of freelancing so that you can make the right decision for your future.


Job Sites

Sites such as Upwork, People Per Hour and FlexJobs are fantastic places to begin your search for freelance work!  While several job sites are available, these sites can guarantee you a secure job search that isn’t tainted by fraud or deceptive opportunities, which is often one of the most challenging aspects of finding freelance employment.

As a freelancer, you’ll spend a lot of your time looking for work and projects.  Using job sites takes some of the legwork out of your search since we track down and authenticate job postings from all across the internet and group them into distinct career categories for fast searching.



Cold Pitching

Do you have skills that would benefit a company down the road?  Send them an email!  Cold pitching is when you send an email or a text to potential customers in an attempt to recruit them.  To make it worth your while, you must be picky with whom you contact and personal in your communication.

Potential clients will be able to tell if you’re sending out many emails to many people, much as they would with applying for more conventional work.  It’s critical to establish contact with those who have expressed interest in working with you, and it may help you refine your message if they’re a potential fit for the position.  Take some time to research firms specialising in the area where you want to work and reach out to only those who seem like great matches for your talents.  If you are freelancing as a side hustle, maybe your employer has a room phone box to make a few quick calls from.



Your Website

It would help if you displayed it no matter what sector you work in to get freelance work.  To promote your talents and accomplishments, start with a website.  It doesn’t have to include amazing videos (unless that’s your speciality) or information.

A simple website that gathers information about your client’s work is a beautiful place to begin.  All you need is:

To discuss who you are, why you do what you do, and what your professional experience is, create an About You page.

To advertise your accomplishments, create a Projects page (or something similar) on your website to highlight what you’ve accomplished for customers.

For clients to praise the excellent work you’ve done, create a Testimonials page.

A Contact page should be created to allow visitors to contact the business.

You might think that a website builder is a wrong choice for you, even if most provide you with a lot of assistance in getting your website up and running.  After all, you’ll have to make decisions and keep the content up to date.  But they are a great way to get a quick website up and running with no knowledge needed.




LinkedIn already has an extensive network.  You may reach precious contacts by joining groups, networking with your network, and posting on their site.

A firm conclusion is an excellent place to start.  This is essential for two reasons.  First, the summary is the first thing visitors to your profile will see.  Take the time to explain why someone should consider hiring you.  What are your qualifications, and how did you get that way?

Second, your summary is used by LinkedIn to assist you in determining what search results you appear in.  The more keywords you use in your summary, the more likely you will appear in a search result.

However, don’t just throw random keywords in your summary.  Instead, make sure you’re using the “correct” keywords in your niche.  The more focused terms you use, the more likely people will be looking for you specifically rather than someone else.

Finally, you may add media to your profile to spice it up.  Nothing beats showing clients what you’ve accomplished.  So, whether it’s a link to a live site you built or a static picture for a customer, include samples to show that you have the abilities you claim.



Skipping the request for recommendations or testimonials is a common mistake many business owners make.  It may be challenging to ask for one.  However, it may not be as aggressive as you believe because it is becoming increasingly common for individuals to give feedback on everything.

It also offers a chance to show off your talents and achievements.  It’s an excellent marketing tool that allows you to showcase what you’ve done in the past.  Plus, it’s an excellent method for demonstrating your abilities and accomplishments.  There is nothing more impressive than a delighted client.


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